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Nicotine Shots

VapeBunkerUK’s Nic Shots UK are specially matched to mix with all brands of shortfill flavours. Just simply mix our freebase Nic Shots to your favourite flavour to produce an e-liquid with 1.5mg or 3mg of nicotine strength.

Our shots are available to buy as a single bottle or in bulk. Available in 18mg and 20mg strengths, our freebase Nic Shots are VG Based for a smoother vape. 18mg is most used with our shortfill E-liquids.

20mg Nic Shots UK are most used with DIY mixing (it may vary with the bottle size), but some people still prefer using 18mg shots.

For more information on Nic Shots, see our guide to adding Nic Shots in the footer links below.

Nicotine Shot 18mg
from £0.86 GBP
Nicotine Shot 20mg
from £0.86 GBP
Nicotine Salt 36mg - Nicotine Shot
from £1.25 GBP
Nicotine Salt 20mg - Nicotine Shot
from £0.86 GBP