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About offers, discounts, and site-wide discounts!



  • We post offers and discounts on our website regularly as our way of saying thank you for to our customers for all your custom. This information is usually sent out via email to our email subscribers. If you haven't signed up yet, please do. We usually also post it on the "announcement bar" at the top of our website. However, emails are our main use of contact between us and our customers.


  • If an Offer, Discount or Site-Wide Discount has been posted on our website, that discount is from the products main price. NOT our Multi-Buy tiered system prices. Because our website runs on an automated Multi-Buy system where no manual discount codes are usually required at checkout, this can get very confusing for customers, and sadly, most leave the site without buying because they don’t understand the way our website is set up.


  • When a customer is adding products to the shopping cart, our Multi-Buy system will calculate prices and savings. This can confuse the customer badly if the offer is 50% OFF E-liquids for example. The customer needs to not let that distract them. The more products the customer added the the cart, the more our Multi-Buy system will calculate it and show its prices and savings, not the actual 50% off prices. At the end of the checkout, before the customer pays, the 50% off (for example) will only then show, at the end of checkout. NOT BEFORE!! 


  • Shopify (our website platform) only allows 1 discount to be running at checkout at a time. If we are running a promotion that is automated, you will NOT be able to enter any manual discount codes. If you signed up to our email service, and received a 10% off coupon, wait until our website is running normally until you enter it. Of if you have redeemed/exchanged your customer loyalty points for a discount from the loyalty list, you will receive a manual discount code. Again, if we are running a promotion or automatic discount, you wont be able to enter it. Your personal discount codes will work when our site is running normally. If you have entered products to the shopping cart, our automated system will generate a code for your tiered discount. If you have a code which you want to enter to override that, simply X out' the current code and enter in your own. Shopify is designed to only work with 1 discount code at checkout. You cannot enter more than one code at once. 


  • We hope this explains things a little better. But if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our email is, or if you would like to speak with someone, our number is 07802496439. If you don’t get though, send a text message or and we'll phone you straight back.