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Closing Down Sale

Closing down

Due to unfortunate circumstances, some personal reasons, and financial ins & outs, we are sorry to say VapeBunkerUK (retail side) is closing. Sales have been up and down for months now thanks to COVID. Recently experiencing the worst month to date.

We have had a fantastic few year’s building this business from nothing, up to a respectable brand name. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who purchased from us here at VapeBunkerUK, supported the business, left kind reviews, and a huge thanks to all the regular customers who stuck with us over the years.

We are still going to carry on some wholesale work to the vape shops/businesses that we sell to. The main retail website will only remain open until the remaining stock is sold off. Wholesale orders can be placed over email with us in the mean time. We have reduced a lot of products prices on the website for clearance. And other prices have remained the same. We are in no rush to sell, or in no quick need for money! However, it would be nice if all sold off sooner rather than later, or drag the situation out. There is a massive amount of stock left, e-liquids, concentrates, base (PG especially), nicotine, salt nicotine, thousands of empty bottles in different sizes, boxes for packaging, the list goes on....

Any customers who have loyalty reward points gathered up, we suggest you redeem them and get them used up. Otherwise, they will go to waste when the store is closed for good. When that is, we are not 100% sure. It will depend on how quickly the remaining stock sells off. 

Once a product/flavour is sold off, we won't be mixing more of it. If you want to stock up on any particular flavour, be quick. as first come, first serve. 


We have reduced the price of several products for clearance.

  • Our VG & PG Base, and Premix Base Blends are reduced to normal prices. 
  • Our 250ml Flavour Shots are reduced to £7.49 & £4.50 each.
  • Our Concentrates are all less than half price - 10ml - £0.59 each | 30ml - £1.99 each | 60ml - £3.85 each | 100ml - £5.00 each.
  • Our DIY Kits are reduced.
  • E-liquid Ranges VapeBunkerUK, Gassed, Magic Candy, Bulldog Fuel and Pods Range have all had their RRP prices reduced, and their Multi-Buy options reduced for clearance.


  • We have added a litre of E-liquid option - £40 each (with or without nic).
  • We have added a 500ml of E-liquid option - £22.50 each (with or without nic). 2 x 250ml bottles with nozzles. 
  • We have added a 1 litre of concentrate option - £35 each.
  • We have added a 500ml of concentrate option - £20 each.

If you'd like to purchase any larger quantities of a product/flavour, please contact us to discuss it.

If anyone has any questions, please reach out over email at