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What is E-liquid?

E-liquid, also known as E-Juice, is the substance that fuels an electronic cigarette and creates the vapour that mimics the actual smoke from traditional cigarettes.

The liquid is slightly thicker than water, and produces a denser vapour that doesn’t dissipate as fast as the steam produced by boiling water.

E-liquid clouds are the result of a process during which metal coils present in the e-cig’s atomiser are soaked in e-liquid and heated up through electrical current produced by a battery.

E-liquid Contents

E-liquid is usually enriched with flavourings to enhance the vaping experience. Vape Bunker sources a huge array of flavours to accommodate the different tastes of e-cig users, including ranges from Slushys, Drops, Deserts, Sweets, Fruits, Cool/Menthols, Nasti type, Drinks, and our house special Haloberri. Another common ingredient is a nicotine solution which ranges in strength, whereas some e-liquids can be nicotine-free (depending on the user).

The base ingredients of e-liquid consist of PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), or a mixture of both, making up minimum 80% of the e-liquid’s total volume and weight.

What is PG?

Propylene Glycol is a petroleum by-product used in numerous food, beauty and medical supplies.

It is non-toxic, odourless and colourless, and is preferred by vapers who enjoy a ‘throat hit’, a strong sensation felt in the back of the neck similar to the sensation of smoking tobacco.

Being less viscous than VG, it also carries flavour and nicotine more effectively than VG, although a blend of PG and VG is always preferred.

What is VG?

Vegetable Glycerin is a natural ingredient derived from vegetable oil. It’s sweet, non-toxic and very thick, making it difficult to smoke alone.

A high VG e-liquid provides a smoother vaping experience, and it is best suited for sub-ohm devices.

Though nicotine and flavourings are usually suspended in PG, it is due to VG’s sweet taste that manufacturers produce 100% VG e-liquids as well.

All of Vape Bunkers juice has a base profile of 70/30 VG PG, with the flavour mixed at the full 20%. With a 70/30 ratio, it’s the most evenly balanced number between cloud and flavour.