All of VapeBunkerUK's E-liquids are 0mg nicotine strength sold with TPD compliant 10ml (1.8mg) nicotine shots. All bottles will be short-filled, specifically to suit these 10ml bottled nicotine shots. Once added, your bottle will be 3mg in strength. 

Should you require no nicotine with your order, please select the box when ordering. The short-fill bottles will then be topped up with juice instead. 

As mentioned above, once the nicotine shot/shots are added to the juice, the outcome strength will be 3mg. If you're down to only using 1.5mg yourself, then only add half of what the amount listed in the guide below.

Should you require your juice stronger than 3mg, extra nicotine shots are available to buy for £1 each, or in packs of 10, 20 & 30. See main menu DIY section to add additional nicotine shots to your order. 

    Our fabulous flavours guarantee great juice but you may wish to add nicotine to your e-liquids. Our handy nicotine shots will help you to achieve the right strength and feature a vegetable glycerine (VG) base. This is an unflavoured nicotine shot for your DIY juices. 

    The guide below will explain how much nicotine to add depending on the size of the bottle. The colour of the lid may vary but it’s all the same content bought from the same supplier. Always remember to give your bottle of juice a really good shake every time you go to use it, to ensure maximum flavour and that the nicotine is well mixed through it.


    • 10ml bottle - nicotine free. As these are testers, or samples, or whatever you choose to call them. 
    • 60ml bottle - 50ml juice & 10ml nicotine
      (Add 1 x 10ml bottle nicotine)
    • 100ml bottle - 85ml juice & 15ml nicotine
      (Add 1 & 1/2 10ml bottles of nicotine)
    • 120ml bottle - 100ml juice & 20ml nicotine
      (Add 2 x 10ml bottles of nicotine)
    • 200ml bottle - 170ml juice & 30ml nicotine
      (Add 3 x 10ml bottles of nicotine)

    guide to adding nicotine to flavour vapour

    We recommend the following approach to handling and storing your shots:

    • Always wear nitrile gloves when handling nicotine as it is a toxic substance.
    • If nicotine does come into contact with your skin, wash it off immediately.
    • Always wipe up any spilled nicotine with a damp cloth.
    • Prevent cross-contamination by using dedicated storage.
    • Place your shots in a thick plastic bag in case of leakage.
    • Store your shots in a non-food freezer.