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Premixed Nicotine Base Guide



When purchasing a litre of Premixed Nicotine Base, you’ll receive the premix base (VG & PG) inside a HDPE litre size jerrycan, and the nicotine shots (20mg) separately. Add all the nicotine shots into your litre of Premix to make it the full 1000ml and the required nicotine strength. Example* 70VG/30PG 3MG, or 90VG/10PG 6MG and so on. Once you’ve the nicotine Shots added, screw the lid back on and shake vigorously before use.

If your buying this to fill your 250ml flavour shots with, please read below:

Please keep in mind that the 50ml of E-liquid concentrate in the Flavour Shot bottle is PG (Propylene Glycol) based, and once any premix nicotine base product is added, the outcome ratio will be reduced. For example, if you purchased a 70VG/30PG 3MG premix nicotine base kit, once your nicotine shots are added to the premix base, that litre will be exactly 70VG/30PG 3MG. But once you then add that mix to your 250ml Flavour Shots, the profile outcome will be nearer a 60VG/40PG 3MG as you need to keep in mind that the 50ml of PG that was already inside the Flavour Shot will alter the outcome profile.

Another example* If you want a 70VG/30PG 3MG outcome for all your 250ml Flavour Shots, you’d be better purchasing an 80VG/20PG 3MG premix nicotine base kit. As when mixed, the 50ml of PG in the bottle will bring your outcome down to roughly a 70VG/30PG 3MG.

This is vital information that people tend not to think about when purchasing a litre of premixed nicotine base.

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