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Stoptober 2020

If you stop smoking for four weeks, you are 5 times more likely to quit permanently. This October, switch to vaping, join the Stoptober 2020 challenge and kick the habit for good! It will be the healthiest decision you will ever make!

Smoking is the biggest avoidable cause of cancer globally and is responsible for over a quarter of cancer deaths in the United Kingdom. Aside from the cancer risk, tobacco use is behind tens of thousands of deaths from other conditions; on average, smokers lose roughly ten years of life compared to non-smokers. Quitting has a positive huge impact on your health whatever your age, and can even bring your life expectancy back to the level of a non-smoker’s: what better opportunity than Stoptober 2020 to give up smoking?

We also recommend downloading the app for IOS and Android devices for help during the month of October if you have a smartphone or tablet. The app is available from the NHS website link listed below.


For this year’s Stoptober challenge for the month or October, we have put our two 50VG/50PG ranges into the sales section at a discounted price. We choose this because we offer a nicotine salt option with each flavour. If you have just quit smoking, or still have cravings, nicotine salt will enter your system faster than regular freebase nicotine. We will add a different range of E-liquids to choose from half way through the month. For more information on E-liquid, nicotine salt and regular nicotine, please see our stores FAQ page. The link is below.

Here at VapeBunkerUK, we specialize in E-liquids, nicotine, DIY products, concentrates etc. We have a huge range of flavours to choose from. We do not stock hardware however, but we can recommend some of the shops across the UK and Northern Ireland that stock our juice wholesale. From them, you will be able to pick up a starter kit, or any hardware you need.


Liquid Mist 

The Vape Shack 

PK Vapes 

Ash Vape Rooms LTD 

Vape Odyssey 

Choosing a nicotine strength that will help you kick the habit

As we have already mentioned, nicotine salt will enter your system faster than regular freebase nicotine. Many vapers today vape using 1.5mg or 3mg nicotine strength. This might not be strong enough if you have just quit smoking. However, everyone is different. We have a 36mg nicotine salt option, when added to your juice, makes it 6mg strength. This product is available to purchase separately.


The goal is to kick the habit and to start vaping at a nicotine strength that you are comfortable with, then gradually come down in strength over time. If you feel that 3mg strength is not enough for you, then we would suggest trying a 6mg shot. This product can be found in the DIY section of our main menu.


For more information regarding nicotine shots, and adding them to your juice, please click the link below.

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More importantly, we are at hand during business hours to talk and give any support you or someone you know might need. You can contact us with this form, over email at, or if you would rather speak with someone, call us on 07802496429.

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