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Store Closing Down

We are very sorry to say that we are closing our business. We tried to make it work earlier this year but unfortunately things aren’t going well. The competition in this industry has grown massively this past year and a half. More and more vape shops & websites open each week with their own juice brands. Larger companies have become very hard to compete with. Now disposable vapes are extremely popular, and shortfills have become me a 2nd choice for most vapers. We have come to a tough decision to close the business for good.


Our website has been online now for 1 month since we announced we were closing down. Prices have been slashed even more since this morning (14th Sep 21). Our website will be closed down for good very very soon. 


If you have a Customer Loyalty Rewards account with us, and have loyalty points gathered up, we recommend you use them up as soon as possible, rather than see them go to waste. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who purchased from us over the years, and to all our regular customers, who stuck with us. Also, a massive thanks to everyone who left reviews on the business and products. Very much appreciated. So many kind words very left all over the internet about us and our brand.


When a product is out of stock, it will be removed completely from our website. We won't be buying in more or mixing more.