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Details on paying for your order on our website

As of the last week in November 2020, PayPal stopped all payments on vape sites. They do not permit the sales of vape related products through their system anymore. We had to remove them as a payment option from our website. Unfortunately, this has upset a lot of our customers but there is nothing we can do about it. All other vape websites are all in the same situation as we are. We will all just have to adapt to the change.

Viva Wallet has been on our website since early 2019. They are a secure card payment option which is SSL encrypted. Viva Wallet is a very well-known company and is very safe to use. We would not use them otherwise. They accept all major credit and debit cards.

We have also added another payment option called CoinBase Commerce. This option is for online currency only. We understand that not very many people will use this just yet, but the option is there. CoinBase will except Bitcoin for example, a very well-known online currency that everyone will have heard of. PayPal predict that the future is online currency, so we have added this option for all our customers for when that time comes.

Viva Wallet Card Payments

We recommend that all customers use the card payment option for the time being until a handy PayPal alternative is available.

Regardless of what method customers use to make payment for their order, VapeBunkerUK will stand over all payments anyways.

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