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Bulldog Fuel E-liquids - 6mg Deals

This product bundle offers you 3 deals on our Bulldog Fuel Range at 6mg using 36mg strength Nicotine Salt. Select which deal you want using the offers drop down, then type into the box which flavour/flavours you want from the list provided below.
    • BlackJack: Blackjack/Liquorice is a dark and slightly sweet liquorice that smacks of flavour and is a strong distinct liquorice flavour that is not for the faint hearted. It is a rich dark tasting liquorice which has a thick aroma and offers a decadent style vape.

      Butterscotch: Butterscotch is our seasonal flavour which you can enjoy all year round. Unlike caramel which is made by melting granulated sugar, heavily whipping cream, and butter together, butterscotch uses brown sugar. The beautifully sweet taste of this liquid mixed with the scrumptious buttery and cream combo make for a truly irresistible vape. This flavour is reminiscent of the original hard candy with its toffee-like properties.

      Caramel Pops: Caramel Popcorn delivers one of the most popular gourmet popcorn flavors, presenting freshly roasted kernels mixed with a hint of creamy butter and rich molasses of caramel for an unparalleled experience.

      Cherry Bomb: There is no mistaking the distinctive taste of delicious Cherry perfectly captures the moreish flavour. Demonstrating that a simple flavour profile can really deliver, Cherry is not to be missed and should keep you happily smiling all day.

      Forest Fruits: There is only one thing better than trying our blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant e-liquids, and that is to combine them all together in our extremely popular forest fruits flavour. A long-time favourite, our Forest Fruits e-liquid is sure to remind you of those beautiful country walks during summer, hitting all those fruity, sweet notes in every draw.

      Fresh Mint: The classic taste of spearmint is one which many have enjoyed in chewing gums, mints and even in flavoured desserts. Our spearmint captures the fabulously sweet and minty fresh taste perfectly for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you want.

      JellyBean: A jumbled fruit rainbow waterfall of jellybean goodness. This flavour brings ruthless sentimental and unrivalled notes of intensity upon each inhale and exhale.

      Mango Tango: Bringing a taste of tropical islands to your e-cigarette with our Mango tango e-juice. A simple but tasty flavour that is both sweet and refreshing.

      Mint Bubble: A classic mix of juicy bubblegum and spearmint combined to make this one of a kind flavour brought to you by VapeBunkeUK. Taste the bubblegum on your inhale, and the mint on your exhale. Its mixed perfectly so that the spearmint is not over-powering.

      Rainbow Candy: Have you ever tasted something so candilicious you thought that you had eaten a rainbow!?! Let us take you back in time to when sweets and tuck shops ruled! Rainbow Candy.

      Razz Berry: If you are looking for the perfect all-day flavour you cannot go wrong with raspberry. One of the more popular flavours, raspberry juices are full of juicy, mouthwatering flavour.
    • • Brand: Bulldog Fuel by VapeBunkerUK
      • Base: 50VG/50PG (For MTL (mouth to lung) and Pod users)
      • Nicotine: Zero
      • Flavour: 10-20%
      • Steeped: Yes, ready to vape E-liquid
      • Bottle sizes: 60ml & 100ml
    • Are nicotine shots included in the price? Yes, you’ll receive enough nicotine salt shots (36mg) to mix your juice to 6mg strength.



      • 60ml bottle: 50ml of juice and 10ml of nicotine. (Add 1 x 10ml Nic Salt Shot) for 6mg strength.
      • 100ml bottle: 85ml of juice and 15ml of nicotine. (Add 1 & ½ 10ml Nic Salt Shots) for 6mg strength.


      This 36mg Nic Salt product is the equivalent to (20mg nicotine). It is Pharmaceutical Grade and VG (vegetable glycerine) based.

      Nicotine Salt can be used in place of using regular freebase nicotine. Nicotine salt will enter your system faster than regular freebase nicotine. For more information on freebase nicotine and salt nicotine, and how both products are different from other, see our FAQs page in the footer links.

      After you add your nicotine to your juice, shake your bottle vigorously until thoroughly mixed. We also recommend letting your bottle sit and settle for 10-15 minutes before using. Also remember to shake your bottle well before every use.

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