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Cherry Crush Flavour Shot


Product Description
There is no mistaking the distinctive taste of delicious cherries and Cherry Crush perfectly captures the moreish flavour. You will love the sweetness of this fruity juice on the inhale and the tart notes on the exhale complete a great vape. Demonstrating that a simple flavour profile can really deliver, Cherry Crush is not to be missed and should keep you smiling happily all day.

Note* This is E-liquid Concentrate. You need to dilute this with base and steep it before vaping.
Product Information
• Nicotine: Zero
• Flavour profile: 20%
• Steeped: No. Requires 2-3 weeks steep before vaping
• Brand: VapeBunkerUK
• Bottle size: 250ml with 28mm Nozzle included
• Bottle contents: 50ml of Flavour Concentrate
• Flavour Category: Fruits
• Main contents: Cherry
Mixing Information/Guide
Please click "here" to view our online Mixing Guide to filling this bottle shot. We have displayed 2 charts with various nicotine options. The 1st chart is 70VG/30PG which is most used by vapers. The 2nd chart is 50VG/50PG which is for MTL (mouth to lung) and Pod users.
VG/PG Base Options
We sell a wide variety of base products for DIY mixing. VG, PG and Nicotine are available to purchase separately so you can follow our online guides. We also sell a wide variety of Premix Base Products. Premix Base Blends is available with zero nicotine. Premix Nicotine Base Kits are available with a wide choice of options. Our premix products make DIY mixing extremely easy as we have already done all the work and measurements for you. All you simply do is add the premix base to your Flavour Shot and go straight to the steeping process. If you are a beginner to DIY mixing, we would suggest using our premix base products until you are confident measuring your own base. Mixing calculators can easily be found on Google to help and assist you.

If you have any questions, or need help with this product, or have any enquiries about our base products, please contact us over email or phone.