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Concentrates (60ml Bottles)

As we are closing down our business, we have a several drums with leftover concentrate. All flavours/concentrates are well dated. We have choose to sell them off in 60ml bottles.

Note* This is E-liquid Concentrate. You need to dilute this with base and steep it before vaping. DO NOT attempt to vape this on it's own.

Red Slush:

Raspberries and strawberries mixed with ice is an all-time classic red slush that will make you remember your childhood. Extremely Refreshing.

Blackcurrant Lemonade:

Blackcurrant Lemonade is a sweet and tangy vape sensation. A crisp fruity base flavour with subtle hints of fizzy lemonade. Packed with complexity and contrasts, topped off with added a dash of cooling for a touch of chill.

Cola Bottles:

Cola Bottles is a confectionery blend taking inspiration from the popular sweet. The taste of sugary cola is consistent throughout for a simple yet authentic vape.

Summer Vibes:

A slice of sweet and mouth-watering summer fruits perfectly mixed to explode a burst of taste in your mouth on every vape. Summer vibes is a mouth-watering special you will not set down. Let yourself burst with flavour.

Peach Schnapps:

The cocktail classic made with peach Schnapps, orange, and cranberry juices to transport you to a warm fun place full of sunshine. One of favourite fruit flavours. Highly recommended and one for your collection of vapes.

Cold Forest Fruits:

Fruits of the forest blended to perfection for that summer fruit taste and topped off with minty freshness. This cooling sensation is immensely satisfying. Our Forest fruits is one of our most popular flavours. Check out the cooled version.

Cool Astaire:

Red summer berries and black grape mixed with cooling notes of sweet eucalyptus and subtle aniseed. Sophisticated and juicy, this flavour will keep bringing you back for more and more. This cooled version of our Red Astaire takes it to another level.

Black Jack:

Blackjack/Liquorice is a dark and slightly sweet liquorice that smacks of flavour and is a strong distinct liquorice flavour that is not for the faint hearted. It’s a rich dark tasting liquorice which has a thick aroma and offers a decadent style vape.

Cool Grape Soda:

Cool grape soda delivers a sharp crisp, clean and cool fruit flavour that will invigorate and refresh your taste palate. The delicious taste of sweet and juicy grape soda finished off with a refreshing cooling exhale.

Cool Apple & Blackcurrant:

Apple and cool blackcurrant are a mixture of fresh green apple and fat juicy Blackcurrant fruit. Mixed up with a refreshing cooling hit to clear your taste buds for the next hit. A fruit cocktail for all you fruit lovers with a cold finish.

Pinkman V2:

An irresistible riot of blackcurrant and fruity notes that play all the right tunes, not like any original Pinkman you may have tried. This one we've added our own personal twist, making it truly stand out in your collection.

Blue Slush:

With zingy and refreshing berry fruit and a suitably icy finish, this flavour perfectly captures the taste of your favourite blue slush. Sweet and juicy, this bright, bold and blue vape juice blends ripe, tangy blue raspberry's with a touch of sweetness for the perfect balance. Of course, our famous blue slush wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t cool, so we’ve added a splash of ice in there to give you a refreshingly cool blast.

Citrus Twist:

A citrus burst with a twist. Citrus twist sets your taste buds going frantic with its zingy citrus burst of flavours combined with the sweet candy sherbet for a perfect blend of sweet and sour. You will love this if you want something different to vape.