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Gassed E-liquids - 6mg Deals

This product bundle offers you 3 deals on our Gassed Range at 6mg strength using 36mg Nicotine Salt. Select which deal you want using the offers drop down, then type into the box which flavour/flavours you want from the list provided below.

    • Black Magic: Sophisticated blackcurrant juice with a punchy sweet sugar after taste. A Blackcurrant lover’s dream. A mellow, sweet, and full-bodied E-liquid, our Black Magic is truly a winner.

      Circus Candy: Have you ever tried tasting a rainbow? An all-out assault on your taste buds with this sharp and fruity candy flavour. Sweet on the inhale, sour on the exhale. Circus Candy is a mouth-watering, lip-puckering blend of sweet and tart berries and lemon. This one is sweetly sour and refreshing.

      Dark Rush: Soothe your senses with this outstanding cold berry grape and iced blackcurrant juice that has evolved to become a unique sensation to tingle your taste palate. A vapers rush with a secret dark twist.

      Jungle Juice: A mix of Caribbean passion, summer berries and exotic jungle fruits with a slight cool hint in the exhale making this flavour one of a kind. Vibrant and refreshing, taste the gorgeous mix of the tropics.

      Pink Bubbles: Got a sweet tooth? This is a bubblicious classic with a pick n mix sweet candy after taste. Bubblegum delivers a fruity punch whilst providing you with a satisfying vape. When you taste our Pink Bubbles and feel the coolness in your mouth and throat, you will know that you are tasting a candy E-liquid unlike any other.

      Sensation: Strawberry is every vapers favourite fruit flavour, so it is no wonder that we spent so long getting the taste of our juicy sensation exactly right. It is the perfect vape to quench your thirst and leave you feeling refreshed.

      Sharp Sherbet: Have you ever tasted something so candilicious you thought that you had eaten a rainbow? Extremely tasty sweet sherbet juice with a twist of a slight tangy aftertaste. This sherbet explosion will keep you satisfied for days.

      Sweet N Sour: A blast of tangy raspberry that explodes into a dense, sweet vapour. We promise this flavour will make your mouth water. Our sour raspberry juice has a sweet inhale, and a punchy exhale. A flavour you will be sure to remember.

      Sweett Fruitt: This blend of fruits will whisk you off to a tropical paradise for just a minute if you let it. Packed with a tropical fruity flavour, theses no better way to satisfy your taste buds. A fruit eruption in your mouth all at once.

      Wizard Sauce: Our Wizards Sauce is a popular beverage flavour, with the ripe tasting blend of blackcurrant and icy lemonade flavour, you will find a tangy and fruit taste throughout. Then with the low mint you get a cooling taste to tie this multi-layered classic together.
    • • Brand: Gassed by VapeBunkerUK
      • Base: 70VG/30PG
      • Nicotine: Zero
      • Flavour: 20%
      • Steeped: Yes, ready to vape E-liquid
      • Bottle sizes: 60ml & 100ml
    • Are nicotine shots included in the price? Yes, you’ll receive enough nicotine salt shots (36mg) to mix your juice to 6mg strength.



      • 60ml bottle: 50ml of juice and 10ml of nicotine. (Add 1 x 10ml Nic Salt Shot) for 6mg strength.
      • 100ml bottle: 85ml of juice and 15ml of nicotine. (Add 1 & ½ 10ml Nic Salt Shots) for 6mg strength.


      This 36mg Nic Salt product is the equivalent to (20mg nicotine). It is Pharmaceutical Grade and VG (vegetable glycerine) based.

      Nicotine Salt can be used in place of using regular freebase nicotine. Nicotine salt will enter your system faster than regular freebase nicotine. For more information on freebase nicotine and salt nicotine, and how both products are different from other, see our FAQs page in the footer links.

      After you add your nicotine to your juice, shake your bottle vigorously until thoroughly mixed. We also recommend letting your bottle sit and settle for 10-15 minutes before using. Also remember to shake your bottle well before every use.

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