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Hand Sanitiser Liquid Rub - 80% Alcohol

  • Ocean Hand Sanitising Rub is a fast-drying product. 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser that kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses.

    60ml Bottle Size

    This product is medical grade and is manufactured to World Health Organisation hand sanitiser formula 1. No water needed. Refreshes and leaves hands and skin feeling soft.

    Please note this product is a rub type gel and therefore has a liquid consistency.
  • 60ml clear plastic bottles. Comes with a screw on child resistant cap, and a twist to open nozzle which can be locked with a simple clockwise half turn. Spill and leak resistant, suitable for home, work and travel. Use product using either the screw child resistant cap or the nozzle to your own preference.

    Bought in bulk from another company, then bottled down in our ISO 7 Clean Room. MSDS sheet can be shown upon request.