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Jelly Bean Concentrate


Product Description
A jumbled fruit rainbow waterfall of jellybean goodness. This flavour brings ruthless sentimental and unrivalled notes of intensity upon each inhale and exhale.

Note* This is E-liquid Concentrate. You need to dilute this with base and steep it before vaping. DO NOT attempt to vape this on it's own.
Product Information
Our one-shot concentrates make life incredibly easy for you. No wastage on trial and error. Simply mix and enjoy this stunning flavour. We recommend mixing at 10-20%. Build up your flavour gradually as too much can be overpowering. Remember each flavour is very subjective to each individual person. Make use of an E-liquid mixing calculator to help you correctly formulate your recipes. These calculators can easily be found on Google. Make a note of the flavour concentration which suits your taste so that you can mix the perfect E-liquids again.
Steep Time
We recommend that each flavour is steeped for 2-3 weeks for maximum flavour results. Some flavours will take longer than others but wait a minimum of 14 days before trying your juice. If it is not ready, give it a further week. Flavours like custards and desserts will take longer than fruit or sweet flavours for example. Store in a cool dark place (room temperature) to steep, giving it a shake every few days. You will have heard of different techniques for steeping juice. Do not let too many opinions confuse you. Sometimes the best thing is to just let it sit and give a shake every other day.

If the flavour seems too overpowering, remove the cap and let the juice breath for a while (an hour or so). This will allow your juice to get fresh air, and to allow the harsh smell to escape.
VG/PG Base Options
We sell a wide variety of base products for DIY mixing. VG, PG and Nicotine are available to purchase separately so you can follow our online guides. We also sell a wide variety of Premix Base Products. Premix Base Blends is available with zero nicotine. Premix Nicotine Base Kits are available with a wide choice of options. Our premix products make DIY mixing extremely easy as we have already done all the work and measurements for you. All you simply do is add the premix base to your Flavour Shot or concentrate and go straight to the steeping process. If you are a beginner to DIY mixing, we would suggest using our premix base products until you are confident measuring your own base. Mixing calculators can easily be found on Google to help and assist you.