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Nicotine Shot 20mg

Our 10ml Nicotine Shots are Pharmaceutical Grade VG (vegetable glycerine) based. They are available to buy singly or in bulk. They come in 1.8mg & 2.0mg strengths.

Our 1.8mg strength nicotine shots are specifically used with our short-filled E-liquids. Our 2.0mg strength nicotine shots are recommended for the use with our 250ml Flavour Shots (VB-SHOTZ) line. 2.0mg shots are most used with DIY mixing (depending on your bottle size), however some people prefer to use 1.8mg shots.

Prices per bottle:

1 - 86p each

10 - 75p each

20 - 70p each

30 - 65p each

50 - 63p each

100 - 60p each

We are in the process at the minute of changing our nicotine shot bottle lids (colour and shape). If you receive a bottle that is not matching the display picture on our website, this is the reason why.