Pineapple Slush Shortfill E-liquid by VapeBunkerUK

  • Lending a tropical touch to the slushy experience, Pineapple impresses with its fusion of fruity notes and mildly chilly finish. Conjuring thoughts of golden sands, faraway shores and palm trees waving in the breeze, pineapple slush provides a pleasing cocktail for your tank. Koolada adds subtle chill to the exhale and delivers the perfect finish to a wonderful all-day vape.
  • Base: 70VG/30PG
    Nicotine: Zero
    Flavour: 20%
  • Steeped: Yes, ready to vape e-liquid
    Brand: VapeBunkerUK
    Bottle sizes: 60ml, 100ml & 200ml
    Flavour Category: Slush
    Main contents: Pineapple, guava and koolada
  • Are nicotine shots included in the price? Yes, you’ll receive enough nicotine shots (1.8mg) to mix your required strength.



    • 60ml bottle: 50ml of juice and 10ml of nicotine. (Add 1 x 10ml Nic Shot) for 3mg strength.
    • 100ml bottle: 85ml of juice and 15ml of nicotine. (Add 1 & ½ 10ml Nic Shots) for 3mg strength.
    • 200ml bottle: 170ml of juice and 30ml of nicotine. (Add 3 x 10ml Nic Shots) for 3mg strength.


    • 60ml bottle: 55ml of juice and 5ml of nicotine. (Add ½ of 10ml Nic Shot) for 1.5mg strength.
    • 100ml bottle: 90ml of juice and 10ml of nicotine. (Add 1 x 10ml Nic Shot) for 1.5mg strength.
    • 200ml bottle: 185ml of juice and 15ml of nicotine. (Add 1 & ½ 10ml Nic Shots) for 1.5mg strength.


    If you choose no nicotine, our short-filled bottles will be topped up with juice instead. You’ll receive the full amount of juice.

    If you would like a stronger strength like 6mg, additional nicotine shots are available to purchase from the DIY section of our main menu. Keep in mind the more nicotine added to your juice will dilute the flavour more. After you add your nicotine to your juice, shake your bottle vigorously until thoroughly mixed. We also recommend letting your bottle sit and settle for 10-15 minutes before using.

  • All our products are manufactured in our ISO7 Clean Room that complies with Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) classification. All E-liquids are tested after steeping to ensure quality and taste before being made available to purchase from our online stores.
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