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Raspberry Slush One Shot Concentrate

  • A sweet raspberry slushie flavour with an added cooling effect that isn't overpowering but leaves a nice fresh tang on the exhale. Everyone loves a raspberry slush!
  • This is a flavour concentrate which should be diluted first using your choice of Base. DO NOT attempt to vape this on its own.

    Our one-shot concentrates make life incredibly easy for you. No wastage on trial and error. Simply mix and enjoy this stunning flavour.
  • We recommend that each flavour is steeped for 2-3 weeks for maximum flavour results. Some flavours will take longer than others but wait a minimum of 14 days before trying your juice. If it is not ready, give it a further week. Flavours like custards and desserts will take longer than fruit or sweet flavours for example. Store in a cool dark place (room temperature) to steep, giving it a shake every few days. You will have heard of different techniques for steeping juice. Do not let too many opinions confuse you. Sometimes the best thing is to just let it sit.

    We recommend mixing at 18-20% Flavour
  • We have a wide variety of Base products in store. Click here to view our VG & PG products. Some users find it much easier to use our Premix base products. Aswell as being very convenient, these Premix base products will save you time and effort, making your DIY mixing much easier.
  • All our products are manufactured in our ISO7 Clean Room that complies with Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) classification.
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